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How to Use Ultrasonic Welding Machine Correctly

Publisher: Administrator   Date:2023-10-24

1. Observe before operating

For the ultrasonic welding machine with fault, do not start it in an emergency. Ask about the front and rear faults and fault phenomena. For the ultrasonic welding machine that is not familiar with, you should also be familiar with the circuit principle and structural characteristics, and observe the corresponding rules. Before disassembly, it is necessary to be fully familiar with the function, location, connection mode of each electrical component and its relationship with other surrounding equipment. If there is no assembly drawing, a sketch must be drawn and marked during disassembly.

2. First external, then internal

First, check whether the ultrasonic equipment has obvious maintenance history, ultrasonic welding conditions, ultrasonic mold temperature and service life, and then check the machine. Before disassembly, arrange the surrounding fault factors into a line, and determine the faults in the machine before disassembly. Otherwise, blind disassembly may make the equipment repair worse and worse.

3. First mechanical, then electrical

You must eliminate the problem of ultrasonic mold, and then conduct electrical inspection. When checking the circuit fault, use the detection instrument to find the fault location, confirm that there is no bad contact fault, and then check the operation of the line and machinery in a targeted way to carry out ultrasonic maintenance to avoid miscalculation.

4. First static, then dynamic

When the equipment is not powered on, judge the quality of buttons, contactors, relays and fuses of electrical equipment to determine the fault. Power supply test, listen to its voice, touch, measure parameters, judge faults, and repair.

5. Cleaning before maintenance

For seriously polluted electrical equipment, first clean the buttons, wiring points and contacts, and check whether the external control keys are invalid. Many faults are caused by dirt and conductive dust, which are usually removed after cleaning.

6. Power amplifier board in front of the equipment

In the whole ultrasonic equipment, the failure rate of the power amplification part of the ultrasonic welding machine is very high, so the overhaul of the power amplification part of the ultrasonic generator can often get twice the result with half the effort.

7. First general, then special

Ultrasonic maintenance generally accounts for about 50% of common failures due to the quality of assembly parts or failures caused in the manufacturing process. The failure of ultrasonic equipment is mostly hard failure, which is easy to open the experiment, carefully and clearly check and eliminate the failure.

8. First outside, then inside

Do not replace damaged electrical components in a hurry. Only after confirming that the peripheral circuit is normal can the damaged electrical components be replaced.

9. DC before AC

During maintenance, the DC voltage must be checked first, and then the dynamic working point of the AC circuit. If it is a problem with the filter circuit, it will cause problems in the whole machine system. The DC power supply of the ultrasonic welding machine is generally 300V, or - 160V partial voltage.

10. Fault before commissioning

In some cases, all the original replaced ones are damaged well, but still abnormal. It will check the commissioning problems of the protection system, high current protection and frequency protection. The precondition for ultrasonic maintenance is that the FM inductor must be in the correct position. If it deviates too far from its normal position, the amplifier board may be damaged during commissioning.

Shenzhen Maijin Technology Co., Ltd
Contact Us:
Tel.: 0755-27163020
  Mobile:15989539998  Mr.Su
  Mobile:13823567063  Mr.Lei
  Mobile:13600432234  Mr.Su
Email: szmaijin@163.com
Website: www.maijinkeji.net
Address: 3F, Building 5, Huixin Intelligent Industrial Park, Xinhu Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen

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